Day Care Centers

Cleaning Common Play Areas

The common areas of a day care facility bear the brunt of young children playing and learning. Some facilities have rubber flooring in these common areas, which require special attention when cleaning. Little fingers can leave big fingerprint and handprint smudges. Surfaces that are frequently touched need to be treated for reducing the spread of flu and illness.

We pay special attention to areas that can escape the attention of other cleaning contractors, keeping in mind the smell visitors in a day care facility.

Cleaning Toys and Play Equipment

It is crucial that toys are cleaned properly in a day care setting. We do not use bleach as a sanitizer, as we feel there are safer, more environmentally preferred options. Toys are cleaned and sanitized daily, as are tables, chairs, cubbies, and play kitchen surfaces. Each week, shelves are wiped out and sanitized.

Kitchen Cleaning

Whether the kitchen is used only by staff for breaks or functions as a preparation area for daily snacks, Spotless Cleaning has the program for maximum care. We clean and disinfect counters, tables, chairs and sinks, as well as cleaning the floor with a germicidal cleaner. Walls behind trash receptacles are regularly cleaned and disinfected.